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Magic Relighting Candles

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Create funny memories — Use funny magic candles to make your childs birthday party more memorable. Observe and capture their precious reactions when blowing out the candles. You can also give a friend an unforgettable birthday, a candle that cant be blown out anyway. Make the party more interesting!

How it works — After lighting the candles, let them burn for about 60 seconds, then blow them out, and then within a few seconds, the flame will magically ignite again!

Experience the magician — We can use magic wax candles to perform magic. Under the eyes of everyones surprise, show our magic-the inextinguishable candle will make people feel very fulfilled!

Safe to use — Made of non-toxic wax, you can rest assured that our candles are very suitable for any theme activities and regular occasions. Just remove the dripping wax from the cake and it is still edible.

Magic Relighting Candles
Magic Relighting Candles
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